President Obama’s Governance Machine.

So today I was reading a little Al Giordano (The Field), and he had put up a great post on the upcoming work Organization of America intends to do in the coming weeks and months. Mr. Giordano is one of the most insightful bloggers/commentators out there, and one hell of a journalist…so, go read it.

After reading this post, I added my voice to the discussion with this comment:

What I’ve noticed is that a lot of people who worked with/for the Obama campaign during the election did so believing that the grassroots, community organizing style of Obama was merely a means to an end…the end being the White House. I don’t think it’s fully sunk in that his goal wasn’t to simply use that method to get to the bully pulpit, then wield the executive power the same way every President before him has done so.

That’s not who President Obama is. All these people who spent so much time deriding CNN and FOX news, complaining that they “didn’t report what was really happening on the ground” during the election (and they weren’t) now suddenly use CNN and FOX as a baseline for how Obama is fairing message-wise. It’s like spending a year building a boat of your own so you don’t have to buy a ticket on the ferry, then complaining about the ticket prices. It makes no sense.

I think one majorly overlooked aspect of this Presidency is how the “First 100 Days” theory is going to be blown out of the water. Just like the campaign took several months to ramp up, as people got trained and organized…so too will it take a little time for OFA to get a grip and shape themselves to governance – though they seem well on their way with some of the info you posted here. By the time that first 100 days is done, the “Obama campaign machine” will have morphed into the “Obama governing machine”. If people think he won’t have the ability and support to get something done on day 212, they are going to be sorely mistaken.

I don’t understand why others can’t seem to understand these things. I mean, I’m still REALLY new to all this stuff (first-time volunteer for Obama) and I still get it.

Now, I don’t know if this fits the format of OSP in terms of the type of media focused commentary we intend to give on this site…but since we’re on a bit of a lull in the OSP Videos department, I figured the more content the better. Plus, it underlines the point that the gatekeepers at the major media outlets shouldn’t be the be-all-end-all of messaging due to their inherent biases and tendency to…well, suck.

– Travis


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